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LOA Member Benefits Overview

Risk Management Premium Discount Credit Program

Member Requirements

Louisiana Orthopaedic Association Membership

Eligibility for the below outlined benefits require that a LAMMICO policyholder first be a member of the Louisiana Orthopedic Association (LOA). Once membership is established, the LAMMICO insured will become eligible for the following additional credits: Risk Management (RM) Credit and Scheduled Credit. It should be noted that each of the two credits are independent of each other and can be earned separately.

Risk Management Credit

An extra 5% RM credit can be earned for a total of 15% RM Credit

  • The insured must be a member of the LOA
  • The insured must attend the LAMMICO Risk Management lecture at the LOA annual meeting
  • The insured must earn one additional RM credit
    (in addition to the live LAMMICO lecture at the annual LOA meeting)

Scheduled Credit

Up to an additional 15%, subject to a maximum of 25%

  • The insured must be a member of the LOA
  • If the insured’s loss ratio is less than 25%, they will receive an additional 15% scheduled credit, subject to a maximum of 25%
  • If the insured’s loss ratio is between 25%-40%, he/she will receive an additional 10% scheduled credit subject to a maximum of 25%

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